Shell Command Buttons
3.7 Points of Emphasis
1. Configure:
a. Advanced Sign settings allow the operator to enter RTD source information, the frame
buffer size, specify the port for the V-Link video processor and enable Run Time
Logging. It also permits the specification of a default sequence and power failure
recovery information.
b. For most sporting applications, Daktronics standardizes its inputs. Input 1 is for
game-in-progress data like All Sport information. Input 2 is for Sports Wire data.
Input 3 is for the DakStats scoreboard. Input 4 is for DakStats requested. Input 16
contains RTD play sequence information.
c. Run Time Logging can log sequences that have appeared on the sign.
d. Power Failure Recovery enables the sign to immediately begin running the sequence or
schedule that was displaying when the sign lost power.
e. When configuring windows, the window size must be divisible by 8 in height and by
16 in width.
f. Data Fonts are used for data frames—real time data (RTD), time, date and
2. Help: activates the online help screen.
3. About: contains Daktronics address, phone numbers, fax numbers and email addresses.
4. Diagnostics:
a. Use the Services tab to start and stop sign services.
b. Use the Pixel Locator to track and mark individual pixels that may have
c. failed.
d. The RTD (Real Time Data) property page allows users to test whether the
e. Venus 7000 controller is receiving data. It also allows users to preview RTD frames
on a display using sample data.
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