Shell Command Buttons
To run a lamp test:
1. Click Diagnostics > Lamp Test.
Refer to Figure 15.
2. Select the desired lamp test from
the list.
3. Click either 8x16 or 16x32 (refer to
the display’s installation and
maintenance manual for
information on the type of driver
4. Click Start Test.
Note: The Sign Status and Test Status boxes indicate the test started and what
happens on the sign.
5. When the test is finished, click Stop Test. Click OK to return to the Shell menu.
Note: The Next Color button is disabled at this time.
The RTD (Real Time Data) property page tests whether the Venus 7000 controller is receiving
data. It also previews the RTD frames on the display using sample data.
To set the source for the RTD:
1. Click Diagnostics > RTD. Refer to
Figure 16.
2. From the drop-down menu, select
the Input number of the RTD.
3. Select the Offset. For example, if the
offset is 12, then the sample data
begins storing from the 12th
4. In the RTD Data box, type the
sample data to appear on the
5. Click Set Data to send the entered RTD sample to the display.
6. Click Refresh to resend the RTD sample or send changes.
7. Click Clear Data to remove the RTD sample from the display and the RTD Data box.
Figure 15: Lamp Test
Figure 16: Diagnostics—RTD
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