Shell Command Buttons
Mirrors are used with primary and backup
Venus 7000 controllers to copy files from one
system to the other for backup purposes. The
Mirrors tab sets up the Mirror File location and
the offers the choice of activating the mirror
option every time the system starts or via a
shortcut icon on the computer desktop. Refer to
Figure 10.
The Grouping menu sets up and edits groups,
downloaded files and the start, stop or
restarting of the group option. Refer to
Figure 11.
3.3 Help
The Help button activates the online help screen.
Use the help files to answer questions about the
Venus 7000 software. Click Cancel to exit the
Help screen.
Note: The keyboard command
is [F1].
3.4 About
The About screen contains information about
the Venus 7000 software, including the software
version, Daktronics address, phone numbers,
fax numbers and email addresses. Click OK or
press [Enter] to exit the About screen.
3.5 Minimize
By clicking the Minimize button, the window disappears from the desktop and becomes a
Venus 7000 Shell button on the taskbar. The taskbar is located in the lower-right corner of the
computer screen, next to the computer’s clock. To restore the program, click Venus 7000
Shell on the taskbar.
3.6 Diagnostics
The Venus 7000 controller contains various features that troubleshoot a display. To determine
if the controller itself runs properly, refer to the Venus 7000 Shell. The controller is working if
the globe spins and the boxes V7SS and V7RS display the message Running.
Figure 10: Mirrors
Figure 11: Grouping
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