Shell Command Buttons
Temperature Sensors
A temperature sensor reads the present
temperature for display on the sign. If
purchased with the display, Daktronics sets up
the temperature sensor before the controller
leaves the factory. The Edit Sensors menu adds
or changes the configuration of the selected
temperature sensor.
TXD Outputs
The TXD (Transmit Data) Output tab allows
users to setup the communication port that will
transmit TXD information. A user may enter up
to eight outputs. Refer to Figure 8. The Edit
Output option adds or changes the
configuration of the selected output.
Date Languages
When initially installed, the Venus 7000 controller contains four date languages: English,
French, German and Spanish. Other languages may be added, such as Arabic, Dutch, Farsi,
Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Russian and Swedish. To select the appropriate language for date-
specific information:
1. Select the Configure menu from the Venus 7000 Shell.
2. Click the Date Languages tab.
3. Select from Edit Language, Add
Language or Delete Language. Refer to
Figure 9.
Edit Language: makes changes to
the names and abbreviations of the
months and days of the week.
Add Language: adds a new
language for displaying the days of
the week
and months.
Delete Language: removes the
current language.
Figure 8: TXD Outputs
Figure 9: Date Languages
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