Shell Command Buttons
To delete a service:
1. Click Configure > Services.
2. Select the service to delete.
3. Click the Delete Service button. A confirmation warning appears.
4. Click Yes to confirm the deletion and return to the Services menu.
5. Click OK to return to the Configure menu; click OK to return to the Shell menu.
Device Drivers
Device drivers are computer parts that control equipment such as printers, modems or
network adaptors. In this case, the device drivers send information to the display.
Note: If a driver is added, the Venus 7000 controller suggests the appropriate input number.
This input is later matched with a sign number.
Data Fonts
Data fonts are used for data frames and other real
time data. Only True Type fonts should be used
for this information. To determine if the font is a
True Type font, navigate to the directory
containing the font. A True Type font will have an
icon with two Ts, i.e. . Users can configure up to
16 data fonts.
To add a data font:
1. Click Configure > Data Fonts. Refer to
Figure 4.
2. Select a blank slot.
3. Click the Edit Font button. The Font window appears.
4. Select a font to add to the list.
Note: The Venus 7000 controller accepts True Type fonts. Additional True Type fonts
can be added on the controller. Data frames can use True Type fonts in data fields. If
these are used, be aware that the field displayed takes the average width of the
characters. Therefore, depending on the data, the field may actually be shorter or
longer than what is shown.
5. Select a style for the data font.
Note: The available font styles vary according to the selected font.
Figure 4: Data Fonts
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