Shell Command Buttons
Configuring a Display
Configuring a display allows users to add, edit or delete signs from the software. For
information on configuring a display, refer to Tutorial 1 in Section 3.9.
Users may split a single sign into as many as 32
separate areas or windows, depending on the
version. When windowed, each of these areas
functions as an independent display. Each
window of the display must be smaller than the
size of the overall display. In addition, the
window size must be divisible by eight in height
and by 16 in width (the size of one module).
Refer to Figure 2 for an example of a windowed
display. Refer to Tutorial 2 in Section 3.9 for
instructions on setting up a windowed display.
Service Configuration
A service is the communication that transfers information from the Venus 7000 controller to
the sign.
To add a service:
1. Click Configure > Services > Add
Service. Refer to Figure 3.
2. Enter a new service name.
3. Select the connection type from Local,
Network or Dial-Up. If Local or Network
is selected, click OK to save the new
service. If Dial-Up is selected, enter the
phone number in the Phone Book Entry area.
4. Click Configure New Entry.
5. The New Connection Wizard opens. Select the type of connection; click Next.
6. Enter the phone number of the computer or network for the computer to dial;
click Next.
7. Type a name for the connection; click the Finish button to return to the Add Service
menu. Click OK to save the new service and return to the Services tab menu.
8. Click OK to return to the Configure menu; click OK to return to the Shell menu.
Note: Use the Edit Service button to make any changes to a previously configured
Figure 2: Windowed Display
Figure 3: Add Service
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