Shell Command Buttons
Section 3: Shell Command Buttons
3.1 Venus 7000 Shell
To open the Venus 7000 controller, either select the
Venus 7000 icon located on the computer desktop or
select V7 Shell from the Start menu. Some computers
launch Venus 7000 upon login.
The first window that appears is the Venus 7000 Shell,
pictured in Figure 1. This Shell is the starting point for
all tasks.
The Venus 7000 Shell consists of five command buttons
located on the right hand side of the screen. Each
performs a separate command.
Configure: sets up a display and the components within to work in conjunction with
the Venus 7000 controller. In most cases a Daktronics technician sets up the display.
Help: activates the software help screen. The keyboard command is [F1].
About: lists information about the Venus 7000 software, including the software
version and contact information for Daktronics.
Minimize: removes the Venus 7000 Shell from the desktop and places an icon on the
control bar.
Diagnostics: runs troubleshooting tests such as:
o Locating pixel burnout
o Display errors
o Live data confirmation
The lower portion of the Venus 7000 Shell also contains eight buttons frequently used during
operation. They include:
Remote Display Operation: allows operators to communicate with displays outside
the present facility.
Files: stores all information created with the Venus 7000 controller.
Custom RTD: receives information over a network that does not comply with
Daktronics standard RTD.
Display: sends information to the display location.
Edit: contains tools to design and edit display content.
Monitor: shows the image portrayed on a selected display.
Schedule: lines up days, dates and times to program files for running on a display.
V-Link: enables live video on a display.
3.2 Configure
Use the Configure properties to prepare a new sign for use or to edit an existing sign.
Note: Consult Daktronics technical staff about items not covered within this manual.
Figure 1: Venus 7000 Shell
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