Sporting Applications
1. Power on and test all displays, computers, connections and RTD inputs two days before
an event.
2. Power on all displays and computers two hours before an event.
3. Daktronics recommends that content runs on all displays when the facility opens.
1.2 How to Use This Manual
The Venus 7000 manual was created to help users learn to operate an electronic display
quickly and successfully. Each section begins with descriptive and detailed information on a
variety of topics related to the controller. The section then concludes with Points of
Emphasis, Practice Exercises and Tutorials.
The Points of Emphasis lists a number of key concepts to remember from within the section.
These key concepts can range from vital information to best practice recommendations.
Practice Exercises are available for anyone who would like to further enhance their skills.
Each exercise requires using skills previously learned in the section. These exercises will only
give parameters for creating a sequence, not the steps.
Conventions Used in this Manual
Bold Any item that requires direct action, such as clicking, pressing,
selecting or formatting, appears in boldface. Any item within the
manual to reference, such as a figure or another section, also
appears in boldface.
Italics Indicates an item visible on the screen or within a menu. No direct
action will be taken on this item. Captions also appear in italics.
[X] Represents a keyboard key that needs to be pressed.
“Quotes” Items that need to be typed.
Click Press and release the left mouse button.
Double-click Press and release the left mouse button twice.
Right-click Press and release the right mouse button.
> Followed by (ex. File > Open).
The Tutorials guide users through a number of available processes. Each tutorial contains a
number of screen shots and example sequences. Please keep in mind that the screen shots on
the tutorial may not match the screen shots on every computer exactly. The difference may be
caused by the operating system or the Venus 7000 software version running on the computer.
The sequences in the tutorials were also created for a sign that is 96 pixels high and 224 pixels
wide. The tutorials may reference this display size, but any display size can be used.
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