3. To edit a portion of the line, double-click the cell to edit. For example, to edit the start
time, double-click the Start Time box. The Enter Start/Stop Times window opens.
4. To edit the entire line, click inside one of the cells in the schedule entry, like Event
Number. Next, click the Edit button on the toolbar; the Enter Information window
opens. The information can now be edited.
Setting a Rotation Sequence
Rotation allows users to choose a sequence that displays after a set number of sequences.
Multiple rotation sequences can be set; however, only one rotation file can run at a time.
To add a rotation file:
1. Click the Add button on the toolbar to add a new event.
2. Click the drop-down arrow to the right of Type. Select ROT.
3. Next, click the drop-down arrow next to Event. The Select File window opens. The
current library is selected and a list of sequences in that library appears on the right
side of the window.
4. Select the sequence desired as a rotation sequence by clicking the sequence name
and then clicking OK or by double-clicking the sequence name.
5. Select the start time of the rotation sequence by using the spinners to adjust the time
or by typing the time in the text box. Schedule the rotation sequence to start running
at 9:30 a.m.
6. Under Stop Time, schedule the rotation file to stop at 11:59 p.m. To set the minutes to
59, click the minutes and use the spinners to adjust the time or type the minutes in
the text box.
7. Schedule the rotation file to run everyday from today until the end of the current
8. Using the spinners to the right of the Rotation box, select 3. A 3 in the Rotation box
means that after every third sequence, the rotation sequence display.
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