Adding an Entry
1. Click the Add button on the toolbar or right-click and select Add Item. The Enter
Information window opens. Refer to Figure 35.
2. Click the drop-down arrow next to Type and select a file type from the drop-down menu.
The Type choices include:
a. SQ7 or AVI: (sequence) the file type saved in the Venus 7000 program.
b. Dim: dims an LED display if a photocell is not included.
c. Bright: brightens an LED display if a photocell is not present.
d. Blank: blanks an LED display (typically done at night).
e. ROT: displays a sequence on a rotating basis; for example, after every three or four
f. SD7: a schedule file type. It allows users to insert an existing schedule within a
3. Select SQ7, the file type saved in the Venus 7000 software.
4. To select the event, click the drop-down arrow next to Event. The Select File window
5. The current library is selected with a list of sequences in the library appearing on the
right side.
Note: To select a sequence from another library, click the library name. A list of
sequences in that library opens on the right. When scheduling AVIs, select AVI under
File Types.
6. Select a sequence either by clicking the sequence name and clicking OK or by double-
clicking the sequence name.
7. Set the start and stop times of the event. Use the arrows next to the Start Time field to set
the start time for the current event. To make adjustments to the time, click the hour or
minute and use the arrows or click the hour or minute and type the number. The
a.m./p.m. setting is adjusted in the same manner. Set the start time to 6:00 a.m.
Figure 35: Enter Information
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