3. Click the New button on the toolbar. The Select File window opens. Notice the only
selectable File Type (in the lower-left corner of the window) is a schedule. Refer to
Figure 34.
4. On the left side of the window, click the plus sign in front of the specified server. This
changes the plus sign to a minus sign and expands the local server directory to show the
folders inside it.
Note: Depending on where the last operator left the controller, Steps 4-6 may not be
necessary. The steps assume the user is starting from the base of the
path directory.
5. Click the plus sign in front of the sign folder. This displays the libraries in the sign
6. Click the default library. This opens the library where all schedules are saved.
7. Click inside the File Name text box in the lower-left corner and type “Schedule”;
click OK.
Figure 34: Select File
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