Section 1: Introduction
The Daktronics Venus® 7000 controller is a software program designed to operate electronic
displays, specifically displays containing light emitting diode (LED) technology.
Some common features of the Venus 7000 controller include setting up a sign, creating
content for a display, scheduling messages, providing troubleshooting tests and other
features. Each feature is highlighted throughout this document.
1.1 System Care and Operation
Basic Operation
1. Remove files from the computer that are not necessary.
2. Make backup files on a weekly basis.
3. Clearly label all disks, CDs and DVDs. Eliminate any storage devices not used.
4. Take disks, CDs and DVDs out of the computer when not in use.
5. Remove USB storage devices from the computer when not in use.
6. Store disks, CDs and DVDs at a temperature between 60 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit, with
moderate humidity.
7. Place computer equipment away from open windows, heavy machinery or any area with
dust in the air.
8. Always cover equipment not in use.
9. Avoid smoking and eating near the computer.
10. Keep the keyboard clean. Keep food and drink away from the computer area. Most
computer stores sell keyboard vacuums.
Commercial Application
1. If a display runs on a 24-hour basis, make sure the computer controlling the display is
always on.
2. If a display runs 24 hours a day, the V7000 Sign Service must always run.
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