Section 5: Scheduling
5.1 Sequence Scheduler
The Sequence Scheduler makes it easy to manage a large number of schedules. Schedules
may consist of Venus 7000 sequences, rotation sequences or other Venus 7000 schedules and
events (dimming, blanking a display, etc.) Users can program schedules, sequences and
events at set times of the day, on specific days of the week and on specific dates.
5.2 Using the Scheduler Toolbar
The toolbar provides shortcuts to some of the functions listed in the drop-down menus. Refer
to Figure 33 while reading the following:
New: opens a new file.
Open: opens an existing file.
Save: saves the active open file to disk.
Save All: saves all open files to disk.
Cut: cuts the current selection and places it on the clipboard.
Copy: copies the current selection and places it on the clipboard.
Paste: pastes the contents of the clipboard into the file.
Find & Replace: locates events or stop/play time and replaces with a new event or
scheduled time.
Edit: allows users to make changes to the current line of the schedule.
Add: adds a new schedule entry to the bottom of the schedule.
Insert: adds a new line before the current line in the schedule.
Delete: removes the current line of the schedule.
Verify: lists when the scheduled events will occur for the specified date and
time range.
Print: prints the active open schedule.
About: displays program information, software version number and copyright.
Help: provides access to the online help program.
5.3 Starting the Scheduler
Opening a New File
1. Open the Venus 7000 Shell program.
2. Click Schedule. The V7Scheduler screen opens.
Figure 33: Schedule Toolbar
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