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Configuring the Venus 7000 Software
1. From the Venus 7000 Shell, click the Configure button.
The System Configuration window opens.
2. Click the RTD Inputs tab; select Input 10 if available.
Click the Edit Input button.
3. Configure the Edit RTD Input window to look like the
sample window.
4. Click OK; click OK again to exit System Configuration.
When prompted to Restart the Sign Service, click Yes in
all dialog boxes. For the File RTD settings to take place,
this must be done. The display will blank when the sign
service restarts. The sign service stops and then
immediately starts up again.
Creating an RTD Frame
1. Open the Sequence Designer. From the Venus 7000 Shell, click the Edit button.
2. Go to the Menu bar; click File > New. The Select File window opens. Click the plus sign next to
96x224 or the desired display. Double-click the Default folder. Name the file “Out of Town
Scores” and click OK.
3. On the Menu bar, click Frame > Insert > Data Frame. The Frame Properties window opens.
4. Click the Data Field Parameters tab.
Under Field Types, click the radio button
next to RTD. Under RTD Field, click the
drop-down arrow next to Input and
choose Input 10 or the input
configured earlier.
5. Field 1 contains the information for the
first team name; configure the Data
Field Parameters tab to look like the
screen to the right. As fields are entered,
use the cursor to place them in the
correct location on the screen.
6. Field 2 contains information on the first team score. Click the up arrow or type “2” next to Field.
Under RTD Field, change Item # to 26 and Length to 2. The Item # increases in increments of 25
because in Step 3 of Configuring the Venus 7000 Software the line length was set to 25. If set to 30,
the Item # would increase in increments of 30.
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