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Tutorial 24: File Real-Time Data (RTD)
Displaying and Formatting Information from a Text File
File Real-Time Data (RTD) uses the functions of an automatic RTD update in a Venus 7000 frame. The
data is manually entered into a text file and the information is then available for use in a sequence.
This tutorial explains how to:
1. Create a text file.
2. Use information from a text file in a sequence.
Upon completion of this tutorial, the sequence will look similar to the examples below:
Creating a Text File
1. For this exercise, use file RTD to update out-of-town scores at a football game. Open Notepad by
clicking Start > Programs > Accessories > Notepad.
2. In the first line of Notepad, type a team name. On the second line, type the first team score.
3. On the third line of Notepad, enter a second team name. On the fourth line, enter a different team
4. Repeat Steps 3-8 for all remaining teams.
5. Click File > Save. Name the file “Teamscores.txt”. Save the file in the D:\V7000\RTD directory.
Close Notepad.
Text File
File RTD Sequence
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