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7. Select the next .itf file from the Input Template
List by clicking Select, then clicking the .itf file.
8. Click the Data Field Parameters tab. Click the
radio button next to BMP RTD.
9. Click the drop-down arrow next to Input in the
RTD Field section and choose the input number
from Step 8.
10. Choose a field such as HomeIn Game 1
Name for the Field Name section. Notice the Item
# and Length are automatically assigned.
11. Click the up arrow or type “2” in the Field section. This creates a second RTD Field.
12. In the Field Type
section, click the
radio button next
to RTD.
13. In the RTD Field,
choose the correct
Input and under Field
Name choose Home
In GameName.
Position the second
RTD Field around the
first RTD Field so the
player’s name does
not cover the player’s
face. Click OK to
close the Frame
Properties window.
14. Delete the first blank frame by clicking the First Frame
button. Click the Delete Frame button and click Delete
15. Save and Close the sequence.
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