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Creating a Command Sequence to Close the Right Window
1. Click File > New. Click the Default folder of the host sign. Type “Close R Window” in the File
Name text box. Click OK.
2. Click Frame > Insert > Command …
Click the Add button. Click Open
Window; click Next.
3. Click the Select Sign button.
Double-click the 96x224 host sign and
click Next.
4. Click the drop-down arrow by
Window#; click Window 2.
5. Click the radio button next to Close.
Click Next. Click Finish.
6. Click the Add button and choose RTDPlaySequence. Type “16” in the Select RTD Port text box.
Click Next.
7. Type “1” in the Sign Number text box. Click the drop-down arrow next to Display Mode; click 0 —
Continuous | #Times.
8. Click the Browse button. Navigate to the 96x224 or the host sign default sign folder and double-
click the Host sequence or a sequence to display on the host sign upon closing Window 2. Click
Next. Click Finish.
9. Delete the first blank frame by clicking the First Frame button. Click the Delete Frame button.
Click Delete Current and click Close.
10. Save and Close the sequence.
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