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3. Click Frame > Insert >Command … The Frame Properties window opens.
4. Click Add; the Add Command window opens. Notice the available command options. Click Open
Window; click Next. The Select Service and Sign window opens.
5. Select the Host Sign by clicking the Select Sign button. For this exercise, double-click the 96x224
sign. Click Next. The Window Control Parameters window opens.
6. For this exercise, open the window on the
left side of the Host Sign. Click the drop-
down arrow under Window# and select
Window 1.
7. Click the radio button next to Open. Do not
alter the Window Location section. Click
Next; click Finish.
8. Click the Add button and choose
RTDPlaySequence. Click Next; the Select Port
window opens. Type “16” in the Select RTD
Port text box. Click Next. The Enter RTD
Options window opens.
9. Type “2” in the Sign Number text box. The
number 2 is chosen because in Tutorial 2
the Enhanced RTD Number for this sign
is 2.
10. Click the drop-down arrow next to
Display Mode, click 0 – Continuous /
#Times. If a V7edit error message appears,
click OK.
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