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Tutorial 22: Command Frames
Creating Sequences That Open and Close Windows
Before proceeding with this tutorial, please complete Tutorial 2, which explains creating windows
and opening and closing them with the Display program. Command Frames controls those windows
with sequences.
This tutorial explains how to:
1. Configure RTD inputs.
2. Create command sequences to open windows.
3. Create command sequences to close windows.
Configuring the RTD Inputs
1. Open the Venus 7000 Shell and click Configure > RTD
Inputs. Double-click Input 16; the Edit RTD Input
window opens.
2. Type “RTD Play Sequence” in the Name text box. Click
the down arrow under Source Type and choose
UDP/IP Socket.
3. Type “27000” in the Source drop-down menu. Click the
drop-down arrow under Protocol and choose Enhanced.
4. Type “1024” in the Size text box. Click OK.
5. Click OK and OK again. If prompted to restart the sign
service, click Yes in all three prompts.
Creating a Command Sequence to Open the Left Window
1. Open the Sequence Designer.
2. Click File > New. Click the Default folder of the host sign. For this exercise, choose the 96x224
sign folder. Type “Open L Window” in the File Name text box. Click OK.
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