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Tutorial 21: Include Frames
Creating a Loop of Sequences (Messages)
An Include Frame links separate sequences together. This loop of sequences provides a continuous
display of different sequences. Create all sequences (messages) before adding them to an Include
1. Open the Sequence Designer.
2. Click File > New. Click the plus sign next to 96x224 or the desired sign and double-click the
Default folder. Type “Include” in the File Name text box. Click OK.
3. On the Menu bar, click Frame > Insert Include… The Frame Properties window opens. Add a
sequence by clicking the Add button. Navigate to the sequence, select it and click OK.
4. To add sequences to the loop, click the Add button. To add a group of sequences, press and
hold the [Shift] key and click the sequences to add. To add multiple sequences, press and
hold [Ctrl] and click the sequences to add. Click OK.
5. An Include Frame plays
sequences in the order listed in
Frame Properties; they may be
rearranged at any time. To move a
sequence to a different location,
click the sequence and click Cut.
The sequence is temporarily
deleted. Select the sequence to be
listed below cut sequence and
click Paste.
6. To delete a sequence, click the
sequence and click Delete.
7. Sequences can be disabled or enabled;
disabling a sequence keeps it in the loop but
stops it from playing on the display. The
sequence may later be enabled. To disable a
sequence, click the sequence and click
Enable/Disable. Repeat to enable the
8. View the properties of a sequence by selecting
the sequence and clicking
Properties > Thumbnail. Click OK.
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