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Tutorial 20: Exporting and Combining a Sequence
With a Moving Background
When combining two sequences, the final combined sequence generally has the transition effects
associated with the background sequence. To display the transition effects of the foreground
sequence in a combined sequence, export the foreground sequence as an AVI.
This tutorial explains how to:
1. Export a sequence as an AVI.
2. Import an AVI into a sequence.
3. Combine an animated text sequence with an animated background.
Upon completion of this tutorial, the sequence will similar to the examples below:
Creating and Exporting a Sequence
1. Open the Sequence Designer. Click the Edit button on the Venus 7000 Shell.
2. Click File > Open. Click the plus sign next to 96x224 or the desired sign and double-click the
Default folder. Double-click the Combine 1 Text sequence; this sequence has only one text frame.
If the sequence is missing, create a sequence with one graphic frame containing the text “Happy
3. Click the Frame Properties button. Click the down arrow next to Entry Effect and choose Zoom.
Click the drop-down arrow by Direction/Shape and select Center Out. Click the drop-down arrow
by Rate; select 30. Click the down arrow by Hold Time and select 2.00. Click OK.
4. Click the Last Frame button and click the Insert Graphic Frame button . This inserts a blank
graphic frame at the end of the sequence. Add this blank frame any time a sequence is exported
as an AVI. Save the sequence.
5. In the Menu bar, click File > Export > Export as
AVI … The Export Rate window opens. Click the down arrow
next to Frames/Second and choose 30. The AVI now plays at 30
frames per second. Click OK.
Combined Sequence Transitioning
Combined Sequence Transitioning
Combined Sequence Transitioning
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