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3. Click Foreground Sequence. Navigate to the Combine 1 Text sequence and double-click it. If a
V7Edit message appears, click Yes. Three preview windows appear.
4. In the Combine Mode section, click the drop-down arrow. For this exercise, click Add/Outline.
This adds a black outline around the text. To increase the size of the outline, click the up and
down arrows next to Outline Size.
5. In the Background Frame Movement section, click the radio button next to Advance. In the
Foreground Frame Movement section, click the radio button next to Stay. These options add the text
(Happy Birthday) to every frame in the background sequence.
6. Click the check box next to Allow Repeat and change the Repeat Count to 63. The number 63 is
used in this exercise because there are 63 frames in the background sequence. Allow Repeat must
be selected because the background frames need to advance and the foreground frame needs to
stay over a series of frames.
7. Click Combine. Notice there is now a 63 listed under Frames Combined. Click Close > Save to
New Seq.
8. Click File > New; a new window opens. Click the plus sign next to 96x224 or the desired sign
and double-click the Default folder. Type “Combine 1” in the File Name text box. Click OK.
9. Click the Preview button; click the Stop button.
10. Save and Close all open sequences.
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