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3. Click the Text tool and type “Happy Birthday”. Use the Font
Codes to format the text. For more information on font codes, go
to Tutorial 3.
4. Save the sequence.
Importing an AVI Into a Sequence
1. Click File > New. Click the plus sign next to 96x224 or the desired sign. Double-click the Default
folder. Type “Combine 1 AVI” in the File Name text box. Click OK.
2. Click the Import Image button or click File > Import > Image/AVI … The Open window
appears. For this exercise, import an image from a Venus 7000 library. Click the arrow next to the
Look In drop-down menu. Click the V7000 folder on the D: drive. Double-click the AVI .lib
folder; double-click the Balloons AVI. For more information on importing, see Tutorial 12.
Click OK.
3. Delete the first blank frame by clicking the First Frame button and clicking the Delete Frame
button. Click Delete Current.
4. Save and Close the sequence.
Combining the Text Sequence with the AVI Sequence
1. Click Frame > Combine > From Other … The Combine Control window opens.
2. Click Background Sequence. Navigate to the Combine 1 AVI sequence and double-click it. If a
V7Edit message appears, click Yes. A preview window is now visible.
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