Segment Timer Operations 23
Section 3: Segment Timer Operations
Sport Insert: LL-2475 (Code 100 is for the dedicated Segment Timer)
The Sport Insert drawing is located in Appendix B. The Quick Reference is located in Appendix D.
Reference Drawings:
Insert, Segment Timer......................................................................................... Drawing A-129357
Refer to the information in Section 2 to start up the console and use the sport insert.
If an insert is lost or damaged, a copy of the insert drawing can be used until a replacement arrives.
If the code number for a scoreboard is unknown, refer to Appendix C. If the model number of a
scoreboard is unknown, refer to the documentation provided with the scoreboard.
3.1 Segment Timer Overview
The segment timer is a multi-function timing system and has multiple purposes. Operation of
the segment timer is determined by ninety-nine segments of pre-programmed length. The
segment timer will count down starting at the segment number that is set as First Segment.
When the first segment is completed, the timer will count the preset Interval Time and move
on to the next segment. The timer will continue counting segments until the segment number
that is set as Last Segment is complete. It then will reset to the segment saved as the First
Segment and will either begin counting down or wait for the <START> key to be pressed
depending on the <AUTO STOP> setting. Refer to Auto Stop in this section to set the
segment-stopping feature.
The first and last segment values can be used to set up specific practice sessions. For example,
the practice session for one sport could be programmed for five minute segments on
segments 1-10 while another might use 10 minute segments on 11-20. Set the first segment
and last segment values to the desired segment numbers for the session and the console will
count down each of the segments in order. It may also be set to either stop on the last segment
or loop back to the first segment segments again based on the <AUTO STOP> setting.
The segments values will be saved when the console is turned off and will be the same values
regardless of the sport that was used to access the segment timer.
3.2 Accessing Segment Timer
Turn on the console. Enter the sport code used for the scoreboard in use and press <ENTER>.
A list of sport codes can be found in Appendix C.
The segment timer program is accessed through the main menu of each individual sport. The
DISPLAY MENU allows the user to start the segment timer. Press the <MENU> key and
press the down or up arrows until the following message is displayed:
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