Basic Operation 19
Main Clock Control
The Main Clock Start/Stop switch plugs into J4 on the back of the console (Figure 9).
This unit has a rocker switch for clock start/stop and a button for horn. The horn button
sounds the horn as long as the button is pressed.
Shot Clock Control
The Shot Clock Start/Stop switch plugs into J7 on the back of the console (Figure 9).
This unit has a rocker switch for Start/Stop and reset button(s). When a reset button is
pressed, the shot clock timer is changed to the reset value and stops the timer from
decrementing. The shot clock timer restarts when the reset button is released. In FIBA mode
for basketball, holding either reset button will blank the shot clock. In independent mode, the
switch starts and stops the shot clock timer when pushed, but does not stop when the main
clock is stopped. When in synchronized mode, the shot clock timer will stop and start with
the main clock switches only if it is running in the beginning.
Refer to Section 6, Section 7, and/or Section 22 for sport-specific information about shot
clock configurations.
2.7 General Multi-Purpose Timer Information
There is no insert for the Multi-Purpose Timer codes. Code 99 is used to operate the multi-
purpose timer.
The Multi-Purpose Timer is a general timer used for 2, 4, and 6 digit time displays. The timer
will count up or down through hours, minutes, and seconds. The information will shift on the
2 and 4 digit displays to show the most significant time values as the time changes. The
Multi-Purpose Timer code is also used as a Time-of-Day code by accessing the Time of Day
Menu through the Menu key. The Segment Timer may also be accessed using the Menu key.
Standard Keys
The keys that are used by the multi-purpose timer are <START>, <STOP>, <SET MAIN
The key functions are explained in more detail in Section 2.5.
Accessing the Multi-Purpose Timer
Turn on the console, enter multi-purpose timer code “99” and press <ENTER>.
Press the <MENU> key and press the down or up arrows until this message is displayed:
Press <YES> to enter the Time of Day Menu.
Segment Timer
Refer to Section 3 for details on accessing and operating the segment timer function.
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