8 Basic Operation
2.4 Setting Radio Channels
Reference Drawings:
Channel Selection; Multiple Broadcast Group, Gen IV ........................... Drawing A-203113
Installation Details, Gen VI Channel Selection Guide ........................... Drawing A-1109870
The radio receiver units used in Daktronics scoreboards have a channel (CHAN) switch that
can be set from 18. The receivers also have a broadcast group (BCAST) setting. The
broadcast group defines a group of radio receivers that “listen” to the channel selected on the
channel switch as well as “listen” for data sent out on their broadcast channel.
Note: The number of available broadcast groups varies depending on the generation of
radio receiver: Gen V radio receivers have 14, while Gen VI radio receivers have 18.
Each radio receiver will accept data sent from the broadcast channel of its respective
broadcast group, as well as data sent from the “Master Broadcast” channel. This is selected
when the console is set to BCAST 0 and CHAN 00.
In this type of system, the receiver unit at the scoreboard must have the channel switch set to
a specific channel. The operator must know which channel is selected in the scoreboard. The
operator must then enter the specific channel when prompted during console startup.
To determine the settings of a scoreboard, first
power it down and shut off any radio-
equipped consoles in the area. Next, power the
scoreboard back up and watch for the radio
settings. The settings will appear as “bX CY
where X is the current broadcast group and Y
is the current channel.
The settings are typically displayed in the clock
digits (Figure 4) or Home and Guest score
digits (Figure 5), depending on the scoreboard
The console automatically detects when a radio
transmitter is installed and will prompt the
user for transmitter settings after a valid sport
code is entered.
Note: If interference from a nearby Daktronics system is suspected, press <CLEAR> at
the “RADIO SETTINGS” prompt to change the channel number.
There are three different radio scenarios that can be accommodated: a single controller
system, a multiple controller system with a single broadcast group, and a multiple controller
system with multiple broadcast groups. These scenarios are described on the following pages.
Figure 5: Radio Settings in Score Digits
Figure 4: Radio Settings in Clock Digits
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