Wrestling Operations 187
Weight Class
This setting allows the use of weight classes. Press <YES> to
use weight classes, or press <NO> to select not to use weight
Display Lines for Weight Class
N = number of lines
This setting represents the number of lines used on the stat
panel displays. It can only be set to 5 or 6.
Press the <5> or <6> key and then <ENTER>.
Display Team Score
This menu option allows for selection of having the Team
Score display on the Matside advantage/team score module.
If set to display it will show team score after the match is reset
until an advantage time is started.
Press <YES> to select display ON.
Press <NO> to select display OFF.
Switch Output
The All Sport® 5000 console has a switch that can be used to run a number of different
devices. The switch can be configured to operate under different settings. The default setting
is 1-CLOCK= 0.
To display the desired switch setting:
1. Press the number (0, 1, 2, 3) key as a shortcut or use the left and right arrow keys to
scroll to the desired setting.
2. Press <YES> to select the new setting.
3. Press <NO> or the down arrow key to leave the switch setting and display the next
The possible settings for the switch output are as follows:
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