Connecting the VM-100C
5 Connecting the VM-100C
This section defines how to connect the VM-100C. In particular, how to
A single unit (1:10 Video Component Distributor), see section 5.1
Several units, see section 5.2
5.1 Connecting a Single VM-100C Unit
To connect a single VM-100C unit (1:10 Video Component Distributor), do
the following1:
1. Connect a component video source (for example, an HDTV satellite
receiver) to the RCA INPUT connectors.
2. Connect the 10 component video output connectors2 to up to 10
component video acceptors.
3. Leave the LOOP RCA INPUT connectors unconnected, and push in the
Input Termination button to 75.
Note: if a loop connection is required, for example, to a local monitor,
plug it into the LOOP RCA INPUT connectors and release the Input
Termination button to Hi-Z.
4. Connect the power cord3 (not illustrated in Figure 3).
Figure 3: Connecting a VM-100C Unit
1 Switch OFF the power on each device before connecting it to your VM-100C. After connecting your VM-100C, switch on
its power and then switch on the power on each device
2 When less than 10 outputs are required, connect only those outputs of the VM-100C that are required, and leave the other
outputs unconnected
3 We recommend that you use only the power cord that is supplied with this machine
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