1 Introduction
Welcome to Kramer Electronics (since 1981): a world of unique, creative and
affordable solutions to the infinite range of problems that confront the video,
audio and presentation professional on a daily basis. In recent years, we have
redesigned and upgraded most of our line, making the best even better! Our
350-plus different models now appear in 8 Groups1, which are clearly defined
by function.
Congratulations on purchasing your VM-100C 1:10 Video Component
Distributor, which is ideal for the following typical applications:
Component video signal distribution
Video duplication studios, delivering undiminished quality duplicates
The package includes the following items:
VM-100C 1:10 Video Component Distributor
Power cord
This user manual2 and the Kramer concise product catalog/CD
2 Getting Started
We recommend that you:
Unpack the equipment carefully and save the original box and packaging
materials for possible future shipment
Review the contents of this user manual
Use Kramer high performance high resolution cables3
3 Overview
The VM-100C is a high quality 1:10 distributor for component video signals
(HDTV compatible). It accepts one input and distributes the signal to 10
identical outputs using RCA connectors. The looping connectors can be used
to connect to a local monitor or other component video acceptor, or to create
larger systems4.
1 GROUP 1: Distribution Amplifiers; GROUP 2: Video and Audio Switchers, Matrix Switchers and Controllers; GROUP 3:
Video, Audio, VGA/XGA Processors; GROUP 4: Interfaces and Sync Processors; GROUP 5: Twisted Pair Interfaces;
GROUP 6: Accessories and Rack Adapters; GROUP 7: Scan Converters and Scalers; and GROUP 8: Cables and Connectors
2 Download up-to-date Kramer user manuals from the Internet at this URL: http://www.kramerelectronics.com/manuals.html
3 The complete list of Kramer cables is on our Web site at http://www.kramerelectronics.com (click “Cables and Connectors”
in the Products section)
4 For example, you can connect 2 VM-100C units to make a 1:20 Component Distributor (see section 5.2)
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