Connections Connections
Viewing Pictures on TV Viewing Pictures on TV
Connect the camera to a TV to show pictures to a group.
Turn the camera off and connect an optional A/V cable as shown below.
Insert into
USB multi-connector
Connect yellow plug
to video-in jack
Connect white
plug to audio-in jack
QWhen connecting cables, be sure the connectors are fully inserted.
RImage quality may drop during movie playback.
RTo view high defi nition movies on a high defi nition TV, the optional accessory
is required (P 75, 76).
Tune the television to the video input channel. See the documentation
supplied with the television for details.
Press the a button for about a second to turn the camera on. The camera
monitor turns off and pictures and movies are played back on the TV. Note
that the camera volume controls have no eff ect on sounds played on the
TV; use the television volume controls to adjust the volume.
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