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Focus Lock
Autofocus Autofocus
Although the camera boasts a high-precision autofocus system, it may be unable to
focus on the subjects listed below. If the camera is unable to focus, focus on another
subject at the same distance and use focus lock to recompose the photograph.
Very shiny subjects such as mirrors or car bodies.
Fast-moving subjects.
Subjects photographed through a window or other re-
fl ective object.
Dark subjects and subjects that absorb rather than refl ect
light, such as hair or fur.
Insubstantial subjects, such as smoke or fl ame.
Subjects that show little contrast with the background
(for example, subjects in clothing that is the same color
as the background).
Subjects positioned in front of or behind a high-contrast
object that is also in the focus frame (for example, a
subject photographed against a backdrop of highly con-
trasting elements).
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