If you think that the is operating strangely, check the following items first.
Recording/playback trouble
It becomes warm
• The unit and the microSD card might become warm but this is not a malfunction.
There is no sound or it is very quiet
• Check the connections with connected devices and their volume settings.
• Confirm that the output volume is not set low.
Recorded sound cannot be heard or is very quiet
• Check the recording level setting. ( “Adjusting recording levels” on page 21)
• If a CD player or other device is connected to an input jack, raise the output level of that device.
Recording audio/video is not possible
Checked the remaining recordable time on the Recording Screen. ( “Recording Screen overview” on
page 16)
A “Low Speed Card!” warning appears frequently/Stopping recording takes a very
long time
• microSD cards can become worn out. Speed can decrease after repeated writing and erasing.
• Formatting the card with the might improve this. ( “Formatting microSD cards” on page 53)
• If formatting a microSD card does not improve this, we recommend replacing the card. Please check the
list of cards that have been confirmed to work on the ZOOM website (www.zoom.co.jp).
This is not a guarantee of specific microSD card recording performance for microSD cards that have
been confirmed to work.
This list is provided as a guideline to help find suitable cards.
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