Thank you very much for purchasing a ZOOM Handy Video Recorder (hereafter, “ ”).
The has the following features.
Capture the immediacy of live performances in both audio and video
Using the wide angle lens, you can record video even when close to the subject. With the XY format con-
denser mic that has excellent sound pressure resistance, you can record even clearer stereo images at
high resolutions up to 24-bit/96 kHz.
Record fine video details
By recording with 4K resolution, you can capture images that are four times as detailed as full HD.
With ultra-high-resolution technology, clarity is not lost even when changing viewing angles.
Capture extreme lighting changes beautifully
Incorporating high dynamic range (HDR) technologies enables video recording of live performances with
extreme lighting changes that avoids undersaturation and oversaturation.
Scene settings for a wide range of filming conditions
Along with settings good for recording live performances, monochrome and sepia special effect settings
as well as a flat setting ideal for color matching have been added.
Easy live streaming
Connect to a computer and use the web camera function to easily set up a live streaming system with
high audio and video quality.
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