Chapter 1
The VB100 VGA Booster amplifies the VGA signal from a source device and
transmits it to a display up to 70 meters away. The VGA booster extends the
display distance without signal loss; to bring you a crystal clear video display
at a longer distance. The VB100 is built with a compact housing design for easy
installation and a manual gain control knob to improve image quality at
different distances. The VB100 can be powered from the VGA source and has
a built-in LED indicator for power. The VB100 supports hot-plugging and
requires no software for installation, making it an easy, compact, and
affordable solution to extend your VGA display.
Long distance transmission – up to 70 m
Adjustable video compensation – manually adjust signal strength to
compensate for distance
Superior video quality – up to 1920x1200 (30 m); 1280x1024 (70 m)
Supports VGA, XGA, SVGA, UXGA, WUXGA, and multisync monitors
Supports wide screen formats
Powered from the VGA source*
Supports hot-plugging
Compact housing
LED indication of power status and source device
Plug-and-play – no software installation required
Note: The VB100 can obtain power from the VGA source if it is installed close enough
for the video card to provide sufficient power. If the there is no video or poor image
quality on the monitor, you must use the power adapter included with this package.
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