VB100 User Manual
This manual uses the following conventions:
Product Information
For information about all ATEN products and how they can help you connect
without limits, visit ATEN on the Web or contact an ATEN Authorized
Reseller. Visit ATEN on the Web for a list of locations and telephone numbers:
Monospaced Indicates text that you should key in.
[ ] Indicates keys you should press. For example, [Enter] means to
press the Enter key. If keys need to be chorded, they appear
together in the same bracket with a plus sign between them:
1. Numbered lists represent procedures with sequential steps.
Bullet lists provide information, but do not involve sequential steps.
Indicates selecting the option (on a menu or dialog box, for
example), that comes next. For example, Start Run means to
open the Start menu, and then select Run.
Indicates critical information.
International http://www.aten.com
North America http://www.aten-usa.com
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