Chapter 2
Hardware Setup
Setting up the VB100 is a matter of plugging in the VGA cables. Refer to the
installation diagram below (the numbers in the diagram correspond to the
numbered steps) and do the following:
1. Use a HDB-15 VGA cable* to connect the computer’s video port to the
video input port on the VB100.
2. Use a HDB-15 VGA cable* to connect the monitor to the VB100’s video
output port.
3. Plug the power adapter cable** into the VB100’s power jack, and plug it
into a power source.
4. Use the Gain/Compensation knob to improve the display quality, adjusting
for distance.
Note: 1. The length of each of the two VGA cables can vary, but the maximum
distance of the two VGA cables combined can not exceed 70 meters.
2. The VB100 can obtain power from the VGA source if it is installed
close enough to the video source to provide sufficient power. If the
there is no video or poor image quality on the monitor, you must use
the power adapter included with this package.
1. Important safety information regarding the placement of this
device is provided on page 7. Please review it before proceeding.
2. Make sure that the power to all devices connected to the
installation are turned off. You must unplug the power cords of
any computers that have the Keyboard Power On function.
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