Tools and accessories
which are needed
Scope of delivery
Installation manual
Operating instructions
Installation accessories
Additional accessories
Installation accessories for Side-by-Side installation
For permanent connection of two appliances,
e.g. a freezer next to a refrigerator.
Lateral additional heating
Necessary when the distance between two appliances
is less than 160 mm.
Connecting element for furniture doors
For connecting two furniture doors (see explanation in
Section “4. Preparing the furniture doors”). It can be
used for standard height furniture doors without any
preparation work.
Step ladder
Trolley, wheelbarrow or sack barrow
Hammer drill for drilling holes into the wall and floor
Various size drills for various materials
Wood plank, (min. 8 x 10 cm) as an alternative
anti-tilt device. Length should correspond to the
width of the installation niche.
Various size wood screws
Screw (M8, at least 80 mm long), nut
Thin (1.5 mm), material suitable for protecting the
floor against damage (e.g. linoleum)
Suitable material for covering and protecting the
cabinets (e.g. protective film)
Adhesive tape
Before using, check whether the removed adhesive
tape leaves adhesive residue on the work surfaces!
Otherwise do not use on high-quality work
Rechargeable screwdriver
T20 Torx-bit magnetic
T20 Torx screwdriver
8 mm socket wrench
Various size drills
Fixed spanner SW 13 mm
Water pump pliers
Adjustable spanner
Knife with an adjustable
Metal tape measure,
folding ruler
Angle of contact
60 cm and 120 cm spirit
Level, min. 120 cm long
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