Electrical connection
The socket must be near the appliance and also freely
accessible following installation of the appliance.
The appliance complies with the protection class I.
Connect the appliance to 220–240 V/50 Hz alternating
current via a correctly installed socket with protective
conductor. The socket must be fused with a 10 to 16 A
For appliances operated in non-European countries,
check whether the stated voltage and current type
match the values of your mains supply match the values
of the mains supply. These specifications can be found
on the rating plate.
Never connect the appliance to electronic energy
saver plugs. Our appliances can be used with
mains and sine-controlled inverters. Mains-
controlled inverters are used for photovoltaic
systems which are connected directly to the
power supply system. Sine-controlled inverters
must be used for isolated applications (e.g. on
ships or in mountain lodges) which are not
connected directly to the national grid.
Water connection
Connect the appliance to a cold water pipe only.
The water may be connected only by a competent fitter
according to the local regulations of the appropriate
water supply company.
A cold water connection is necessary for operating the
automatic ice maker. The water pressure must lie
between 0.2 MPa and 0.8 MPa (2.0 and 8.0 bar).
The installation must correspond to the local plumbing
A separate shut-off valve should be installed in the cold-
water inflow. The shut-off valve should not be located
behind the appliance. It is recommended that you
mount the shut-off valve directly next to the appliance or
at another place which is easily accessible.
When installing the water connection, pay attention to
the permissible installation area for the water mains.
For connection to the drinking water mains use only
water pipes which are suitable for drinking water.
Observe national regulations and the connection
conditions of the local water supply companies.
The maximum outside diameter of the water mains
(without connecting pieces) is 10 mm.
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