Installation Possibilities
Various installation possibilities are available.
These are only limited by the kitchen design and the
finger protector function.
Stand alone appliance
Side-by-Side set up
* it is necessary to have a dividing wall!
If two appliances are set up next to each other,
a sealing kit for Side-by-Side combination should be
used in order to guarantee a stable connection.
For further information see section “Tools and
Accessories which are needed”.
Stand alone appliance with dividing
When measuring the dividing wall for model 4, pay
attention to the thickness of the furniture front to be
mounted in order to avoid damage when opening
doors at the same time.
If the distance between the appliances is less than
160 mm, the auxiliary side heater must be used.
For further information see section “Tools and
Accessories which are needed”.
The minimum thickness of the dividing walls
is 16 mm.
Stand alone appliance as an end
section to a row of kitchen units
If a side of the appliance is visible, use a side covering.
The side covering must be connected firmly to the wall,
the floor and the upper cupboards before the appliance
is slid into the installation niche.
The dimensions of the side covering are governed by
the opposing niche wall. During installation, make sure
that the installation niche has right angles and has the
exact size necessary for the appliance.
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