Safety and warning information
These mounting instructions are designed to help you
install your new appliance.
The manufacturer cannot be held liable for mounting
which has been improperly carried out. We recommend
that you allow a qualified specialist to set up and switch
the appliance on for the first time.
Following all information and keeping to the instructions
are preconditions for mounting and switching the
appliance on safely for the first time.
Keep the mounting instructions safe for use later on.
Before setting up and switching the appliance on for the
first time, read the mounting instructions fully and
The appliances are very heavy and must be
secured from tilting when transporting, when
mounting and when operating. It is absolutely
necessary to fit an anti-tilt device.
Keep the doors closed until the appliance has been
mounted completely and secured according to the
instructions in these mounting instructions.
Because of the weight / dimensions of the
appliance and to minimise the risk of injuries and
damage to the appliance at least two persons are
necessary to set-up the appliance securely.
Use the appliances according to the prescribed
Pull out the plug or remove the fuse before
commencing work on the appliance.
Only customer service may change the power cord
and carry out any other repairs. Improper
installations and repairs may put the user at
considerable risk.
Apart from statutory national regulations, you
should stick to the connection terms relating to the
local electricity and water companies.
Setting up and mounting this appliance requires
extensive expertise in various trades (mechanics,
carpentry, plumbing, electrics).
It is the duty of the person setting the appliance up
to guarantee that it is set up and commissioned
Mistakes in setting the appliance up and damage
resulting from this do not come under the warranty
of the manufacturer. Terms of guarantee are found
in the operating instructions of the appliances.
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