Connecting the appliance to the water
Do not kink the connection pipe when bending it,
otherwise there is a risk of leaks and water damage.
1. Remove the plugs from the appliance connec-
tion (1.).
2. Lay the water hose such that it ends at the
appliance connection (2.).
3. Slide the union nut and the sealing element onto
the water hose.
4. Attach the water hose to the appliance connection
and screw on the union nut (3.). Screw tightly, using
manual force.
5. Screw the union nut tightly using the fixed spanner.
Do not over tighten!
6. Push water hose back as far as possible into the
protective pipe (4.).
7. Turn the shut-off valve and the main water tap.
8. Re-examine the points of connection at the shut-off
valve and the appliance connection for leaks.
There must be no leaking water! If required, tighten
the threaded connections with a higher torque.
9. Close the shut-off valve.
Setting the door opening angle
(refrigerator compartment)
According to the set up conditions, it may be necessary
to limit the door opening angle. A door opening angle
of 115° is set at the factory.
To set the door opening angle to 90°:
1. Open the door to 90°.
2. Drive in the stop pin with a hammer.
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