Side-by-Side set up
If a Side-by-Side set up of two appliances is envisaged,
connect the two appliances to one another now.
1. Unpack the installation accessories for Side-by-
Side installation and check that none of the
accessories is missing.
Keep ready the anti-tilt brackets as an installation
2. Place appliances Side-by-Side in the planned
installation configuration.
3. Unscrewing the base panelling.
Freezers are fitted with a sealing mat at the factory
for Side-by-Side installation.
Always attach sealing mat to the appliance situated
on the left.
4. Place sealing mat on the appliance and secure with
the attachment pins.
5. Attach the moisture-absorbing strips from the
installation accessories for Side-by-Side installation
to the side panel using adhesive tape.
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