Only in the case of individual appliances:
3. Screw on the angle (a) for fastening the cover ribs.
4. Attach the cover ribs (c) to the fastening plates (b)
and the angles (a).
5. Attach the covering bar above the adjusting ribs of
the freezer compartment drawer.
3. Fitting the air separator
Using the air separator, air which is supplied and drawn
from the appliance is fed seperately, in order to avoid
reduced operating capacity.
4. Tensioning the hinge springs
(refrigerator compartment)
Turn the setting screw with a cross head screwdriver.
I = Spring tensioned
0 = Spring released
This is a special installation step.
Instructions are provided after
section D.
Door opening angle see “Setting the
door opening angle
(refrigerator compartment)”.
Installation of the appliance is now complete.
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