4. Hang furniture door with the adjusting rail onto the
threaded rods (1.).
5. Lower furniture door and push the fixing brackets
down over the fastening screws on the appliance
door (2.).
6. Adjust the furniture door using the threaded rod
(Torx screwdriver).
Re-examine the dimensions of the crack
7. Close the drawer and re-examine to make sure that
the depth of the cabinet frontage corresponds with
the adjacent lying fronts. Correct if necessary.
8. Open the drawer and tighten the fixing anglescrews
in order to fix the depth adjustment.
9. Close the drawer and check the lateral adjustment.
Correct the adjustment by lightly banging on the
edge of the open door by hand.
10. Screw nuts onto the threaded rods of the adjusting
rail and tighten! This way, the lateral adjustment of
the door is fixed.
12. Mounting the furniture door
(refrigerator compartment)
Now attach the door handles which should have been
screwed from behind!
1. Remove fixing bracket (a) from the appliance door.
To do this, loosen the fastening screws (b) only.
2. Insert the removed fixing brackets (a) into the fixing
ribs (b) on the furniture door.
3. Open the appliance door.
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