3. Transfer the position of the fastening screws on the
outer edge of the appliance door to the furniture
door and mark.
4. Remove furniture door.
5. On both lengths of the furniture door, draw a
parallel with the help of the positioning aid.
6. Lengthen the markings to the parallels using an
angle of contact.
7. Apply the fixing ribs (b) and mark out the holes.
8. Pre-drill the holes.
9. Screw on the fixing ribs (b).
11. Mounting the furniture door
(freezer compartment)
Now attach the door handles which should have been
screwed from behind!
1. Remove fixing bracket (a) from the appliance door.
To do this, loosen the fastening screws (b) only.
2. Insert the removed fixing brackets (a) into the fixing
ribs (b) on the furniture door.
3. Open the drawer.
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