6. Lengthen the markings to the parallels using an
angle of contact.
7. Apply the fixing ribs (b) and mark out the holes.
8. Pre-drill the holes.
9. Screw on the fixing ribs (b).
10. Hang the furniture door on the threaded rods.
9. Fastening the adjusting rib to the
furniture door
(freezer compartment)
1. Measure distance A between the adjusting ribs and
the bottom edge of the refrigerator compartment
2. Loosen the two nuts (a) and remove the adjusting
rib (b).
3. Mark this value A on the rear side of the furniture
4. Determine the middle of the door and label it.
5. Rest the adjusting rib on the furniture door and
align to the markings. Mark the drill holes.
6. Pre-drill the holes.
7. Tightly screw the adjusting rib.
Attach the adjusting rib with at least 10 screws on
the furniture door. One screw should be screwed in
under the threaded rod in each case.
The adjusting rib has a various holes for different
furniture door design variations. Always carry out
screwing jobs on the most stable part of the
furniture door.
10. Fastening the fixing rib to the
furniture door
(freezer compartment)
The fixing ribs are pre-assembled for stainless steel
doors. In this case continue with the next installation
step (“C / 11. Mounting the furniture door
(freezer compartment)”).
1. Hang the furniture door on the threaded rod (a).
2. Adjust the furniture door using the threaded rod
(Torx screwdriver).
Re-examine the dimensions of the crack
continuously. To do this, use the assembly
gauge (b).
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