1. Sliding the appliance into the installation niche
Be careful when sliding the appliance into the
installation niche. Do not damage the water
connection or power cord.
If the floor or appliance is skew in relation to the
installation niche, the height-adjustable wheels should
be correspondingly adjusted before sliding the
appliance into the niche.
1. Remove the base panelling.
2. Unscrew the height-adjustable feet at the back of
the appliance by approx. 10 mm.
3. Insert water connection line into the protective pipe
on the rear of the appliance.
The appliance may tilt when the water
connection line is inserted into the protective
pipe (a)!
4. Protect the mains lead from getting wedged under
or behind the appliance.
Recommended procedure:
a) Tie a piece of string onto the power cord and
guide the string forwards over the appliance.
When pushing the appliance into the cavity, pull
the cable with the string forward.
b) Fasten the power cord onto the backside and
the top of the appliance with adhesive tape.
5. Slide the appliance carefully into the niche.
6. Plug the mains plug into the socket.
7. Remove edge protection from the installation cavity
(if previously attached).
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