3. Transporting the appliance
The appliance is very heavy. Handle it carefully,
as otherwise people helping to lift it could be hurt
or the appliance could be damaged.
The appliance has a height of 2,126 mm. If it is not
possible to support the appliance in a vertical position
because of the structure of the building, the appliance
can be transported on its side.
Never put the appliance up via its side! Risk of damage
to the appliance.
When putting the appliance up, pay attention to the
minimum height that is required at the assembly
location according to the following table.
Never push means of transportation under the front of
the appliance. Risk of damage to the appliance
1. Transport the appliance with an aid to transport
which is suitable (sack barrow, trolley or
2. When transporting, secure the appliance from
being tilted.
4. Installation preparation
Unpack installation materials and accessories.
To simplify installation, the packages are identified with
labels A, B, C and D corresponding with the manual
5. Special installation steps
This symbol indicates that additional steps need to be
taken before proceeding to the next chapter.
Special installation steps are described after section D.
Exchanging the door stops see
“Changing over the door hinges”.
Side-by-Side set up see “Side-by-
Side set up”.
Water connection see “Preparing the
water connection“ and „Connecting
the appliance to the water supply”.
Door opening angle see “Setting the
door opening angle
(refrigerator compartment)”.
Putting the appliance
up on via its back side
Putting the appliance up
via its side wall
Minimum height
218.5 cm
Never put the appliance
up via its side!
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