Installation instructions
The following Installation instructions describe
mounting steps for various appliance models.
Therefore, deviations may occur from that shown in the
Reference is made to specific mounting steps for
individual appliances.
1. Check the installation niche
Before starting the installation, check carefully
that the installation cavity meets the require-
ments for a secure and trouble-free installation:
1. Check the subsurface.
Follow the notes in the section “Installing the
2. Check the dimensions of the niche.
3. Re-examine whether the niche has right angles.
4. Re-examine the positioning of the plug.
Additionally follow the instructions in the sections
“Electrical connection” and “Dimensions of the
installation niche”.
5. Check the positioning of the water connection
(for appliances with ice maker)
Additionally follow the instructions in the sections
“Water connection” and “Dimensions of the
installation niche”.
6. Re-examine the stability and fastening of the
neighbouring cabinet parts. All cabinet parts in the
vicinity of the appliance have to be firmly
connected to the wall.
7. Re-examine that when opening the appliance door,
it does not collide with neighbouring kitchen parts
(for door opening angle).
2. Removing the packaging
The appliance could tilt over when unpacking.
– The appliance could tilt over when the
appliance door is opened.
The appliance is very heavy.
Risk of personal injury and damage to the
Check the appliance for damage. Do not install the
appliance if there is visible damage. If there are queries,
please contact the dealer.
To protect the subsurface from damage whilst
1. Place cardboard or plywood under the appliance.
2. Remove packaging carton. Be careful when using
the knife so as not to damage the surface of the
3. Remove accessories from the outside of the
Keep adhesive tape which was used to attach the
supplied accessories to the appliance. It is
used subsequently for attaching the edge
protection to the cavity walls (see Section
A/ 3. Attaching the edge protectors”).
4. Remove transportation protection devices (a) and
lift appliance off the pallet – appliance is very
5. Carefully open the appliance – risk of tilting over
and remove accessories and installation materials
from inside the appliance. Close the door again.
Only remove the transporting securing units with
which the slide-in bases and the storage
compartments in the appliance are protected after
completing the installation as otherwise, parts
could be damaged.
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