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Face Recognition Face Recognition
The camera can store up to eight faces. If you attempt to add a ninth face, a con r-
mation dialog will be displayed; use VIEW & EDIT to make room for new faces by
deleting existing data. AUTO REGISTRATION is disabled if there are already data for
eight faces.
When Intelligent Face Detection (P 44) is on and the frame contains multiple subjects
from the face recognition database, the camera displays the name of the subject
that will be used to set focus and exposure (the subject shown by the green frame).
If no name is entered, the camera will show “---”. Subjects identi ed using face rec-
ognition but not used to set focus and exposure are shown by orange frames, other
subjects by white frames.
QThe camera may fail to identify subjects in the face recognition database if they
are not facing the camera or are only partly in the frame, or if details of the sub-
jects’ faces or expressions di er markedly from those in the database.
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